Our Story

Bring back the art of more grounded living.


Founded in 2023, Kin was started as a way to merge our passion for hospitality with our interest in reimagining the life foundations for our increasingly complex world.

Kin is a design-led hospitality brand that brings together seamless functionality with a laid-back aesthetic that goes against momentary relevance. By exploring the intersection of design, architecture, and hospitality with other enthusiasts, we can start to understand how to approach design for a generation craving a simpler way of living. 
We're creating a community of designers, hotel dwellers, chefs, writers, and people with the hospitality gene.

That's what's important to us above everything else.

Beyond Modern

We believe in starting conversations about defining success, lasting culture, and the art of finding contentment in modern life.

Enthusiasm is everything

A focus on intentional design and decades of exploring the idea that the spaces we spend time in influence our well-being.